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Essay Requirements + Posting Format

When posting, include CHARACTER: FANDOM in your subject line and use this standard format:

Word Count:
Spoilers (if applicable):

Here's the code to make things easier:

Be sure to tag your entries as well! Tags will look something like this: fandom: character.


  • Introduction to the fandom and character so the reader will understand who he/she is

  • Your first impression of the character

  • The character's strengths/weaknesses

  • Character Evolution (history, motives, growth)

  • Relationships and how they have shaped the character (family, friends, lovers, enemies)

  • Background info on how you became involved with the fandom and why you are attracted to the character

  • What keeps you interested in this character, keeps you writing, reading or watching this character?

  • Meta/insight into why the reader should root for this character

  • Short fandom guide [fic recs giving insight into the character (gen only and it musn't be bias towards shipping), fanart recs, useful sites etc.]

  • Word Count
    Min: 1,000
    Max: N/A

    Courtesy of the format by ship_manifesto, idol_reflection and the community that inspired this: reflections_2.

Completed Claims

Once you've completed your essay, put in the subject line "COMPLETED CLAIM" and comment here with the following information:

Also, be sure to mention in your post or your comment that you'd like a participation banner.


To sign up, please fill in the form below and put "SIGN-UP" in your subject line.

Be sure to use the character's full name. For Japanese names, arrange them such that their surname is first, followed by their given name, e.g. Uzumaki Naruto.

When posting, please use the appropriate tags which have been prepared for your claim and follow the posting format.

Once you're done with your essay, comment to this completion post before posting your essay to the comm.

Also, if you'd like a participation banner, please mention it in your post.